Any questions about choosing us as your dog photographer?

Dog Photography FAQs

You may have some Dog Photography Questions? Here's some FAQs

How long is a dog portrait session?

Dog Portrait photography sessions usually last around 60-90 minutes.  We like to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves to your dog and make sure he/she is familiar with us, relaxed and comfortable before starting to take any photographs.  We'll cover a few locations and get a good range of photos of differing styles throughout the session. 

What do you do on a dog photography shoot?

We often start our dog photography sessions with some lovely posed portraits, while your dog is nice and clean and not too excited.  Then it all depends on how you want to go through things, and indeed what kind of photos you'd like from the session.  We like to keep each photography section nice and short and varied so your dog doesn't get bored (it will show!).  We'll capture a range of photographs, some natural and relaxed shots, some fun shots, and some action shots too 😊

Can I see all of the photos you take of my dog?

We'll take lots of photos of your dog(s), but with the unpredictability of any pupper, there's some that may just have a pair of blurry back legs 😉. So we edit the photographs down and will send you an online gallery of the very best photos for you to choose from - in the comfort of your own home with no added pressure. Then it's time to choose your favourite photo for your included print and also your chance to look at all the prints, wall art, digital downloads or albums we have available.

dog photography gallery

When will photos be ready?

Depending on the time of year, and how many dog photoshoots we have in the diary at any time, this could be just a few days, or a couple of weeks.  If you have any particular deadline,  then do discuss this before the portrait session.  We'll do our best 😊

My dog is a little nervous, can I still do this?

Absolutely!  We can either come to you to do the photography session so your dog is totally at home, or we can join you on a familiar walk.  Also we can easily take the photos while your dog is still on their lead and just remove the lead in Photoshop - some of the photos in our gallery were with a dog on the lead (and we bet you can't tell! 😊 )

Any tips for the photography shoot?

We've got lots of tips which we'll send you ahead of the dog photography shoot, but here's a couple of useful suggestions.

Wear some comfortable and weather appropriate clothing, but try and choose the nice stuff as you may be in some of the photos and may not want to see that waterproof coat that has seen better days 😉

Bring some treats for your dog, so that they can be rewarded when each photo shoot session is finished - that way they'll associate a reward with the photos and make future sessions much easier.

Talk to us ahead of time and let us know what you really want from your photos!  Is it one cracking portrait shot, or some super cool high energy ones? or just a general mix of styles.  The more you can tell us about what you want the better.

Let us know about your dog's personality.  Their idiosyncrasies, any trigger words, anything to be aware of, what they LOVE to do.  It'll help us on the shoot as well as think up any photographs that may really suit your dog.

Do you offer Photography Gift Vouchers?

Absolutely and they make a great gift! Imagine gifting a friend or loved one some stunning photographs of their dog! ❤️

We offer Dog Photography Gift eVouchers for Portrait Shoots, or for credit towards any of our packages.  They will be emailed to you within minutes and are priced from £99.  Vouchers are redeemable within 12 months of purchase.

If you'd like to buy a gift voucher then please email us and we can arrange to either print you a personalised voucher for you, which will be posted the following day or we can email you a voucher to print yourself (allow 4hrs for delivery).

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