Where to go for great dog photographs?


Dog Photography on Location

Forests? Beaches? City scapes? SO, where shall we go?

You know your dog best, you know where he or she LOVES to go for walks!   


Their absolutely favourite walks and places to go….


Let’s meet you there and take the most wonderful portraits and pictures of your dog in their ‘best place’.


If you’d prefer to adventure to somewhere new, then we can suggest some stunning locations on the East Lothian coast – from secluded beaches, to wonderful woodland trails – to get the very best out of your photos (you can see some fo the great locations we chose in the photos on this site!)


Wherever you want to go, we can come along too.


Just let us know where and when, see you there!


Want to keep it at home?

Dog Photos at home

If you’d prefer a really chilled indoor dog portrait shoot then we can come to your home, and photograph your dog in the place he or she will be the most relaxed.


We can photograph your dog indoors or outdoors, and it’s a great way to get those lovely posed portraits, pictures worthy of hanging on your wall!


Obviously, with the current Covid-19 restrictions, we will always adhere to the current guidelines, so the availability of our At Home shoots does vary.


Please do get in touch to find out when we can next visit.

Unleashed Dog Park

Somewhere safe, for the ultimate in off-lead fun?

Do you struggle to find a great location to exercise your dog(s) where they can literally roam free off their leads in complete safety?  Then you need to look up the guys at Unleashed Dog Parks!  

They have 3 huge adventure areas at their Pencaitland park, with fun obstacles, huge open runs and even a sensory garden!  All safe and secure with high fencing and double entry gating systems.  They have thought of everything.

We love shooting portrait sessions there as your dog can relax knowing it’s just you and them, safe and relaxed. It’s a perfect location for dog training as there’s no worry about him or her running off. 

You can find out more about the park over at their website Unleashed Dog Parks. We’re not related, we just love the place!

We can schedule a dog portrait session at Unleashed Dog Parks most days, just contact us to find out when we’re next free. 

Unleashed Dog Parks Video

We worked with Gordon and the team at Unleashed Dog Parks at their hugely successful launch and believe it’s the ideal place to take your dogs for a really unique, safe and fun experience.  Check out their promo video. (We’re not affiliated in any way, we just love the place!)

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