Being a dog photographer is so much fun we love to share our work!


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We’re specialist dog photographers, who absolutely LOVE what we do.  How could we not?  Every amazing dog we photograph has a unique personality and bringing out that personality in the photos we create is so rewarding.  Plus there’s so many wonderful photo shoot locations in the Lothians that we’re spoiled for choice.

Whatever kind of photographs of your dog you are looking for, just let us know as not only do we want to tailor the photos to match their personality, but we want you to be blown way by your photographs!  For some it’s the perfect form and poise of a dramatic posed woodland portrait, for others it’s an action photo of your dog having fun and belting along the beach at top speed, and for others it’s just that lovely personal connection you have with such an important member of your family.  We cover Edinburgh & East Lothian, Midlothian & Borders so wherever you would like to go for your dog photoshoot we’ll be there…  

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