Dog Photography in Edinburgh & East Lothian

Tips for the best dog photography shoot

Photography Tips

We’ve got lots of dog photography tips, more of which we’ll send you ahead of your session, but here’s a couple of useful suggestions.

Firstly we’d recommend you wear some comfortable and weather appropriate clothing as we estimate the portrait shoot will last for 60-90 minutes and can take in a few different locations to get a variety of shots.  When choosing your clothing, do try and choose the nice stuff as you may be in some of the photos and may not want to see that waterproof coat that has seen better days 😉

Bring some treats for your dog, so that they can be rewarded when each photo shoot session is finished – that way they’ll associate a reward with the photos and make future sessions much easier – they’ll be perfect models in no time!

Talk to us ahead of time and let us know what you really want from your photos!  Is it one cracking portrait shot, or some super cool high energy ones? or just a general mix of styles.  The more you can tell us about what you want the better.

Let us know about your dog’s personality.  Their idiosyncrasies, any trigger words, anything to be aware of, what they LOVE to do.  It’ll help us on the shoot as well as think up any photographs that may really suit your dog.

To schedule a dog photography portrait session please do get in touch!  Or if you’d like to buy a wonderful gift of a portrait session for a friend or family member then you can do that here.

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